Four Healthy Tips

Healthy Habits, Healthy Family; 4 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

There are a number of studies showing the benefits of healthy eating and exercising, but we’re here to show you what some of the most important are without having to read through studies upon studies. Here are 4 Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle for your family:

1. Children 6+ should be active for a total of 60 minutes each day. Sounds like a lot, but this can be spaced out throughout the day, including recess time, after-school, or play time.

2. Eliminating excess sugar will improve concentration. It's impossible to eliminate sugar from diets, but excess sugar can be cut back; like eating 1-2 cookies vs. an entire sleeve.

3. A diet rich in Whole Grains helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Some easily accessed examples of these that you can find at your local Save More Store are: oatmeal, corn, popcorn, brown rice, wild rice, whole grain pastas, quinoa, and some cereals.

4. Foods high in carbs and sugars cause dental decay; instead, opt for fruits, vegetables, or even cheese as a healthy snack.

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