You have come to the right place! Save More Food Stores is the place to be. We offer you good quality products at very low prices. We offer you an average 20 to 30 percent lower prices than other supermarkets on the island.

Save the most during December

Because we are happy to have you as a customer we decided it was time to give something back to the community. We are very proud to announce the most epic event ever done by a supermarket in Aruba.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season as much as we do and we know it can be expensive, so make sure to keep up to date with us.

More information will be released on the 1st of December. Make sure to sign up for our membership card as you can expect the BEST value as a member of the Save More Family.

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Our new Webshop is live!

Dear client, we just released our completely new webshop with pick-up and delivery service! 

How to order? It is very easy!

  1. Add as many products as you need to the shopping cart;
  2. Click on the shopping cart icon at the top-right of the webpage;
  3. Login or register or use the guest account;
  4.  Select a local store to pick-up your order or add your address for delivery at your location;
  5. Pay with an ATM debit or creditcard when you receive your order!

Please click here to start shopping online.

You'll save more all our prices are inclusive taxes
What Shoppers Are Saying
Excellent fruits and vegetables
John Croes
Ojala otro supermercadonn coi e ejempel di save hopi bon mes ta di aplaudi mi no lo tin miedo di drenta hasi compras
Danky pa bo bon servicio Hopy Bendicion
Great place for shopping
My shopping place always... Good things and good prices... Sweeeet
Mi stima cumpra ei nn