About SaveMore Food Stores

SaveMore stores bring discount groceries to neighborhoods across the US and the Carribean. In fact, there are more than 1400 SaveMore stores in total. As one of the US leading extreme value, carefully selected assortment grocery chains, we deliver our customers terrific savings on discount groceries, up to 30% compared to conventional grocery stores.



In 2009 the first SaveMore supermarket on Aruba opened her doors in the town of San Nicolas. From the beginning the supermarket was a great success. The way SaveMore works was quickly embraced by the people of Aruba. In short SaveMore stands for: A clean and tidy supermarket were there are sold high-quality products at low prices. On the bottom of this text, you will find the SaveMore Vision on which every SaveMore store is based.

In 2012 a second SaveMore store on Aruba opened. In the district of Boegoeroei Oranjestad. This second store was also a success. Because of this second SaveMore on Aruba, many customers did not have to travel all the way to San Nicolas anymore. Without our customers, SaveMore would not be where it was today.

We always try to meet the demands of our clients. One of our main goals is to raise our customer satisfaction even more. You can help us accomplish that by telling us what you like in our stores and what you miss or dislike. With your help, we can improve our supermarket. Maybe in the future, a third SaveMore Food Store on Aruba becomes a reality because of your help.

The SaveMore Vision:

Our Values: